Dedication to the Education Cause

In June 2015, Yu Yaping, director of the branch of China Cares for the Next Generation Working Committee (CCNGWC) in Hengyang Community, visited our Company and consulted Mr. Zhang Hejun, Chairman of our Company, on a number of issues, including monetary assistance for the purchase of equipment for the holiday schools, subsidy for school lunch, students' visit to the Company, with the view of maximizing the number of students that would attend “Home for All” Holiday School named after the Company.

On July 5, 2015, the opening ceremony for “Home for All” Holiday School, Hengyang Community, Daqi Sub-district, named after and funded by the Company, was held in the community activity room. Mr. Zhang Dongye, Director and Deputy General Manager of the Company, Zhang Xirong, director of Beilun Branch of CCNGWC, Wang Xuliang, director of Daqi Sub-district Branch of CCNGWC, and Zhai Zhiyong, a representative from Ningbo Occupation Education College, attended the ceremony along with over 100 children and their families.

Deye will cherish its dedication to the education cause and continue to make its share of contribution to local education.