Love and Sympathy For All

Deye seeks to share difficulties of its members. After the National Day holiday, 2017, news came that Wu Pingping, a head of the packaging group of the Home Appliances Assembly Workshop 2, was diagnosed to be on the late stage of renal failure. The leaders of the whole Home Appliances Division proposed a call for donations for her.  On October 12, 2017, the Group's HR Department issued a proposal for donations for Wu Pingping, Deye members from all offices and workshops, from the management members to the first line employees, responded actively. Their donations, from 10 yuan to 1000 yuan, showed the sincere sympathy and love of Deye members.

In just two days, Deye members donated a total of 40,813.25 yuan, 30,229 yuan in the form of cash and 10584.25 yuan by means of electronic transfer. On the afternoon of October 26, Mr. Zhang Dongye, vice president of the Group, on behalf of all Deye members, visited Wu Pingping, asking about her conditions, expressing sincere care about her health and giving the donations to her. He also extended sincere consolation and encourage her to overcome the illness. Wu Pingping later wrote a letter to the Company, expressing her thanks to the Company and all Deye members for their selfless help. She said that the true love from the big family was a big comfort for her.

We believe that the every tiny effort counts and our love, joint together, will make a difference in our life. As a song goes, "As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful place to live." Love nurtures hopes in this world and only by sharing our love can we live a better life ourselves. Let's listen to the song "Dedication of Love", join our hands and make our common wish, feel the love and power of this harmonious big family of Deye, and pass on our life and care to all around us. We sincerely hope Wu Pingping will overcome her illness and return to this big family.